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Patient Testimonials

It was almost like a blind person being able to see. I work as a medical receptionist and I noticed that I was having to ask patients two or three times to repeat their name/birthdate. They would wonder why I couldn’t hear. My grandkids and my friends had to repeat things for me too. I thought ‘I'm just getting a hearing test! I went randomly to Kuhn Hearing Center. I have a very strong faith, and it was ordained for me to see Dr. Kuhn.

Dr. Kuhn fit me with hearing aids and since day one they have fit me without adjustments. It has been a miracle. I never knew my car had so many clinks and clanks; it was an extreme night and day difference to hear again.

I saw Dr. Kuhn not only for myself but for the people I am around. They don’t tell you they get irritated and frustrated to talk loud or repeat themselves. They aren’t frustrated with me anymore.

When I walked into Kuhn Hearing Center for the first time, I was blown away and almost speechless. I felt at peace when I noticed that faith was infiltrated in the waiting room and the office. It was where I was supposed to be, I was cared for, and God was taking care of me there. I recommend Dr. Kuhn to anyone looking for hearing aids.

Don’t wait to get your hearing tested. You are missing out on so much that you don’t even know you’re missing out on. Do it for yourself and the people around you. Don’t just go to anyone, go to Dr. Kuhn; he will treat you well.

Debbie Sanders, patient of Dr. Kuhn’s since 2015


I used to have a lot of trouble with wax build up in my ears, so I stopped one day to have Dr. Kuhn take a look. Wax wasn’t the only problem. My hearing aids and the help I received from Dr. Kuhn is extremely helpful for my daily function in life.

Dr. Kuhn and his staff are very responsive. On several occasions I have had to get my aids cleaned out or replace the cord, and I’ve dropped them off and always get it back the same day. It’s always taken care of.

As soon as you think you're losing your hearing, go to see someone who knows their stuff early in the game. We all want someone we can trust, and Dr. Kuhn is of that nature. The staff are good christian people and have had a positive impact in my life.

Dan Lacerte, patient of Dr. Kuhn’s since 2013


Since seeing Dr. Kuhn and receiving my hearing aids, the changes have been unbelievable. I have had hearing loss for quite a few years. My wife and grandson kept telling me to get hearing aids, so I knew I was missing some stuff in life. Now I can hear my wife, the TV, and my grandkids don’t have to repeat themselves. I work with patients so it is helpful to me with them too.

The care I receive at Kuhn Hearing Center is super. I dropped one of my hearing aids off and the next day I got the call that it was done. I am very pleased with them.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, don’t wait. You’re missing out on a lot more than what you think you are. Don’t fake it with a head nod and a simple ‘yes.’ I tell anyone I know to go with Dr. Kuhn.

Jim Bjork, patient of Dr. Kuhn’s since 2017